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Electric mobility is becoming a priority. Cutting emissions from vehicles is an essential and urgent objective to meet the 2030 Climate Target Plan proposed by the European Commission.

In South Tyrol the main source of emission is transportation, accounting for more than 50 percent of the total (if only emissions from fossil fuels are considered), with private passenger transport (cars) ranking first in terms of emissions. These figures include both emissions generated by those who reside in South Tyrol and those who visit for tourism.

The environmental impact of tourism must be considered, and solutions encouraged to protect the economy and society as well as the environment.

The MOBSTER project has developed the Electric Mobility Map: an analysis of tourists and locals need for charging stations for electric vehicles and e-bikes – based on data as of January 2021 – showing the areas where e-mobility could be improved to reduce the pressure on local ecosystem. Accompanying the map, a detailed report illustrates the measures to reduce the impact of tourism through more sustainable mobility:

The MOBSTER (Electric Mobility for Sustainable Tourism) project considers the tools already in use in the field of e-mobility and applies them for a more sustainable tourism in the cross-border locations in Italy and Switzerland, thanks to the joint effort of:

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The MOBSTER project is an operation co-funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the Italian Government and the Swiss Confederation and Cantons as part of the Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Programme.

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